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Winkin Blinkin and Nod

So now after more than a generation of winkin blinkin and nodding at the darker angels of American politics the elder statesmen of the party now feel compelled to admonish the party regulars to be cool.

Apparently not understanding that openly demonstrating their racial animus and economic insecurities is not something one does in polite company the goobers have been content to let the freak flags fly. No longer satisfied with allowing the elite to have control of their racism for fun and profit, the exploited are in open rebellion and with their newly found champion have damn year overtaken the asylum.

The everybody be cool message doesn't seem to be reaching the folks who are on the verge of putting the real source of party power out in the open for all to see.  Or maybe the message is reaching them but they are so tired of being bullshitted out of their rightful due that they simply don't care anymore what the rest of us are able to see. 

The question will soon become what happens when the forces of darkness issues a new ultimatum to those who depend on them for political power; embrace us in the light of day or we withdraw our support.

Will the party be content with returning to the days of being the loyal opposition with no real power or will they seek to make yet another accommodation but perhaps with a bit more sophistication and much stronger controls on the levers of power.

Maybe as a country we somehow manage to survive this latest threat to our very existence, but after all the histrionics are over the question will remain what have we learned

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