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If its all the same to you

All you pundits out there can stop hyperventilating about Donald Trump.

There is no emergency here. America is working just fine. In fact, America seems to be working extra well these days. Isn't Donald J. Trump just exactly what the founding fathers had in mind. 

Just because America is not comporting itself with your preconceived self interest doesn't mean America is broken. It just means America has finally realized that they have been bullshitted for at least two generations and simply decided to vote some asses out of office.

Oh yeah it can get a little messy.  Strom Thurmond gave his people the segregation they demanded and ended up being one of the longest serving senators in history.  Turns out the only thing he was segregating was the loins of his black mistress. 

I think Trump is even more surprised than the rest of us to find himself in the current position.  He is, indeed, a world class con man for sure, but the current incestuous political system isn't exactly a free ice cream social either.  No matter who you vote for it always seems to be the same sombitches making the same decisions. Sometimes it just doesn't matter what flaws the new thing has.

When I was a school child, we were assigned to read this story that was anti communist or something. I forget the exact details, but essentially the story was about a man and his donkey. The man was very cruel task master who mistreated the donkey. The man overloaded the donkey's packs and beat the donkey severely if the donkey didn't not carry the packs swiftly.

One day the donkey was preparing to be loaded with packs for the day but instead heard the man running past him yelling "run for your life the communists (or something) are coming." But as the man ran past, the donkey just stood there. The man noticed that the donkey hadn't moved and came back to the donkey and admonished the donkey to run quickly or he would be lost to the communists. Wasn't he afraid of the communist? The donkey turned to the man and said he wasn't afraid of the communists, the communists packs were not any heavier that the packs the man placed on the donkey's back. The communists may be cruel task masters too but they couldn't be any more cruel than what he was already being subjected to.

I think of that story every time I hear about stupid Americans being taken in by Trump.