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Study war no more

If our little quibble in Afghanistan has taught us anything its that you should never go to war with people who have nothing left to lose.

War simply plays into the hands of a protectorate. War is their national export. Anything that perpetuates war not only increases the price but also the quantity of their gross domestic exports.

I am not saying that they should, but if South Korea really wanted to get some results they wold lob a few fat ones over the great wall of China marked return to sender. I'll bet you could get them sombitches on the phone then.

And how do you get to be a fat leader in a starving country. What is that all about.

If you want to get North Korea's attention slap an international trade embargo on pork chops. That'll bring those fat motherfuckers to their knees.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yeah, but this turkey don't have no fixins

It appears that, at least in this particular instance, America refused to rally around the dumb asses.

That was not a sure bet a couple days ago.

I guess America was more interested in getting to Grandmaw's house than getting Grandmaw exempted from airport security screenings.

You know it seemed kind of ironic to me that some Americans wanted to engage in a selfish act of terrorism as a response to America's response to the terrorist threat. An attempt to hold America's holidays hostage for no other reason than you don't want to do what everybody knows must be done is as vile an act as any al Queada ever attempted. If you have ever just barely caught the last flight out of town by the skin of your ass then you will appreciate the stupidity of staging a pointless stunt to slow the system down by even a few seconds.

America is at its best when it gets in line, waits its turn and endures petty and perhaps unnecessary hardships with a spirit of shared suffering and common interest. The answer is not always a protest. Sometimes the best response to a hardship is to turn to the person next to you in line, strike up a conversation and spend an hour making friends with someone, that in all likelihood, you will never see again in life. But as the memory of your minor hardship fades the memory of your new found friendship remains as a souvenir of surviving yet another petty slight.

You don't have to get special treatment to be exceptional.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black on black whine or the miseducation of the American Negro

A message for folk who are intent on creating and sustaining a colored version of white social hierarchy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

America is a nation full of dumbasses

When did supersonic flight become a constitutionally protected entitlement.

Here's a thought, take a train; there is no security protocol on the Amtrak yet.

Or better yet stay your monkey ass at home; the highways are too crowded anyway.

As I understand it you basically have 3 options:
1. Take a small dose of radiation in the scanner
2. Get felt up by the TSA
3. Or stay the hell out of the airport.

Do you think that Al qaeda will hesitate for a nanosecond to load up a baby's diaper with explosives if they think that might get them past the TSA. So Grandmaw and little Johnny and Jane all get subjected to full security screenings because it makes me feel safer.

There are people trying to kill us. Please quit your whining and just STFU about your personal space.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Poor man's social engineering

Freddy's dead!

I know a recession is a very painful and difficult thing for many of us.

But if there is an upside to the great recession it is that you no longer see quite as many douche bags tooling around town in overpriced luxury cars that they cannot afford.

That's gotta count for something.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ladder shaped obstacles

You know, sometimes it seems as if God purposely puts stumbling blocks in your path just to see if your dumb ass has enough sense to climb up on them to overcome your obstacles.

Yesterday, I was faced with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Now I could have just punked out and found a corner and started sobbing. Or, on the other hand, I could start searching for a work around.

And I could have given up when the first 3 solutions didn't pan out.

But the fourth solution not only solved my problem but ultimately proved to be a better course of action than my original plan.

So not only did I accomplish my short term goal, but I improved upon my process going forward.

Like I said, sometimes its just a test to see how your dumb ass will react.

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On yellow streaks and dead possums

In this world there are no neutral corners. You must pick a team or be targeted by both sides. As the saying goes, the only thing in the middle of the road are yellow streaks and dead possums (or dead armadillos depending on your locale).

It would appear that this little nugget of wisdom has been borne out in abundance

But as we find ourselves confronting the incipient bloom of silly season it might be wise to remember that truth takes no sides.

Remember, people who claim to hear the voice of God are most likely just crazy. And this fact is usually not apparent until God puts them in bed with a dead hooker and calls the cops (or worse yet The National Inquirer).

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

America & Americans are a cranky, irratable and unstable

America suffers under the delusion that somehow we are in control our collective fate. That somehow we will collectively decide where we go and what we become. When in reality, the overwhelming majority of Americans can't even tell you how their televisions work. All they know is that they push the button and magic happens. Woe be unto anyone who is nearby when the magic doesn't happen.

But boy can they watch those televisions. And when they see those televisions display powerful people doing powerful things they begin to have the illusion that somehow they themselves are powerful too. Never mind that the accepted fantasy has simply replaced reality. The guys in the white hats always win, right?

When in reality, the only thing we truly control is the level of our own individual ignorance, and we don't do a very good job of controlling that. And books without lots of pictures are just too hard to read, and boring to boot.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Don't believe everything you think

My vote for the best sign at the Rally