Tuesday, November 23, 2010

America is a nation full of dumbasses

When did supersonic flight become a constitutionally protected entitlement.

Here's a thought, take a train; there is no security protocol on the Amtrak yet.

Or better yet stay your monkey ass at home; the highways are too crowded anyway.

As I understand it you basically have 3 options:
1. Take a small dose of radiation in the scanner
2. Get felt up by the TSA
3. Or stay the hell out of the airport.

Do you think that Al qaeda will hesitate for a nanosecond to load up a baby's diaper with explosives if they think that might get them past the TSA. So Grandmaw and little Johnny and Jane all get subjected to full security screenings because it makes me feel safer.

There are people trying to kill us. Please quit your whining and just STFU about your personal space.

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