Sunday, November 28, 2010

Study war no more

If our little quibble in Afghanistan has taught us anything its that you should never go to war with people who have nothing left to lose.

War simply plays into the hands of a protectorate. War is their national export. Anything that perpetuates war not only increases the price but also the quantity of their gross domestic exports.

I am not saying that they should, but if South Korea really wanted to get some results they wold lob a few fat ones over the great wall of China marked return to sender. I'll bet you could get them sombitches on the phone then.

And how do you get to be a fat leader in a starving country. What is that all about.

If you want to get North Korea's attention slap an international trade embargo on pork chops. That'll bring those fat motherfuckers to their knees.

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