Thursday, November 4, 2010

America & Americans are a cranky, irratable and unstable

America suffers under the delusion that somehow we are in control our collective fate. That somehow we will collectively decide where we go and what we become. When in reality, the overwhelming majority of Americans can't even tell you how their televisions work. All they know is that they push the button and magic happens. Woe be unto anyone who is nearby when the magic doesn't happen.

But boy can they watch those televisions. And when they see those televisions display powerful people doing powerful things they begin to have the illusion that somehow they themselves are powerful too. Never mind that the accepted fantasy has simply replaced reality. The guys in the white hats always win, right?

When in reality, the only thing we truly control is the level of our own individual ignorance, and we don't do a very good job of controlling that. And books without lots of pictures are just too hard to read, and boring to boot.

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