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Its not what you say
Its what you do

Don't say you do
If I know you don't

Its not what you think
Its what you feel
Don't think you feel
If its not for real

It's not what you want
Its what you give

Monday, April 17, 2017

Greater fool theory or how I learned to love the bomb

No we are not talking about investment theory, we are talking about world destruction.

Are we really betting the farm on which country has the craziest mofo for a leader. 

We tired your of your crazy mofo act, so we hired a crazy mofo of our own to finally give you the asswhuppin you so richly deserve.

Have we thought this all the way through?

Atomic dog indeed!

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Been so long

I have been an Anita Baker fan since day one, song one, note one.  I don't see anything to be confused about, but I see these people talking about they weren't able to get to her music before.

Well if you didn't get it the first time around, this ought to bring you into the fold.

As most of us have, she has bulked up a bit over the years, but that bulk seems to have only made a deep well of sound even deeper.

I have seen her live only once or twice and she was always a chanteuse going through her repertoire, a songstress as it were, fronting a faceless group of musicians in the background.

But now she is no longer just fronting a musical performance, she has joined the band. She is one of the instruments of the ensemble. And she ain't afraid to stand at the mic and blow a solo with those magnificent pipes of hers as she improvises around theme.

Let's just say Anita Baker is "up on some next level shit" here.

And the band and background singers are tighter than that dress she wearing.

But now she's got the nerve to say she is retired?

I don't think so, girl get yoself back on stage.

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Love to the world

Our presence here today
is the answer to prayers whispered
from the graves of those who dared believe
that hope would survive their existence

And so we pray that love
will not be exterminated
but yet again find its way
into a future undeserving of love
but so much in its need