Thursday, August 19, 2010

This internet thing may catch on

Have you guys heard of this thing.

Of course you have.

You may ask, what is that makes me so optimistic about the internet. Well in the bad old days you went to your local retailer and purchased whatever you needed right there on the spot. And if your local retailer didn't stock what you wanted to buy, well that was just tough noogies.

Oh sure, there would always be this friendly and helpful assistant manager guy and his minion who were always more than willing to go out back and look for whatever your heart desired and special order it if he couldn't find it. But I always imagined that what they were doing out back was falling all over themselves laughing at this dumbass that thinks Walcorp actually gives a shit what his individual needs are because somehow my special orders never actually showed up.

But now with this internet thing I just search for my preferred items and voila, it shows up on my doorstep.

So those special razor blades that are never in stock bingo. That special cologne that the department store refuses to stock, no problem. And my special paper nobody carries anymore, bam 30% cheaper than I used to pay.

I like it! Now or course you have to negotiate the whole shipping and handling charges thing. Shipping costs I understand, but WTF are handling charges.

I'm telling you now, remember you heard it here first, this world wide web thing could be a big honking deal someday.

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