Friday, April 8, 2011

Do not fear that good night...

...for the only casualty will be the bullshit perpetrated by both sides.

For ...wise men at their end know dark is right,

This ain't no government shutdown.

A real shutdown would affect the air traffic controllers and the nuclear regulatory commission just as much as it affects the national parks and hapless federal workers. A real shutdown would close the post office and stop the printing of social security checks. Hell, we can't even get an extension of the tax deadline. A real shutdown would force "the government better keeps their hands off my medicare" crowd to confront their delusions about being true patriots instead of just another bunch of suckle pigs angling for better position than their their siblings on America's multiple teats.

But no, what we get is a public spectacle that mostly affects the poor schmucks that were disfortunate enough to plan their wilderness vacations at the wrong time.

If there were some real badasses out there they would file suit to force the government to spread the pain equally throughout the government, equal protection under the law style. Oops, wait a minute, ain't the federal judiciary funded by the government. Nevermind!

By the time America is at a point where it should be cutting budgets and reducing deficits, most of the tea baggers will have been rightfully cast out of public office (and hopefully banned from public discourse as well) and those still standing will be busy building bridges to nowhere again.


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