Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keep on keepin' on

In this world there are two groups of people. Us and them.

You can identify group one by certain behavioral traits.

It is comprised of the people who smile brightly as they patiently hold the door for the elderly and infirm even when in a hurry. These people stealthily keep an eye on other people's children while careless parents ignore or are oblivious to potential danger. This group has been known to feign a lack of hunger when the catering seems to have been severely miscalculated or even better they frequently accidentally prepare more food than is needed and wonder if those in need would be so kind as to help them get rid of it. You can define group one through a million different traits that usually involve the well being of others.

Generally group one persists in trying to save a world that we know is ultimately doomed to explode in a magnificent display of the universe's majesty.

Group two is simply defined by their absence from the group one.

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