Friday, August 3, 2012

Hey Chic fil-a STFU and make me a sammidge

Nobody cares what you think about anything.  We were not coming into your establishment because of all the deep thoughts you were thinking. You are running a business not a ministry.  You are free to believe anything you choose to believe but that doesn't mean the rest of us want to hear about it.

Yeah maybe homosexuality doesn't exactly mesh with the natural order of things.  Got it, check.  But some people might consider eating a chicken breast without the wing as unnatural, so we all got our issues.  But now yall got things so jacked up that we can't even have lunch without it being some kind of political statement.  I just want to grab a sandwich and get back to work.  Leave the politics to the politicians

Get back in the kitchen you neanderthals, heat up the grease and cue the heifers so maybe everybody can get back to mocking the chickens.

Speaking of heifers, let's turn our attention to Michael Jackson's brood.

Some of you may not have ever had to deal with a 14 year old in the house.  But speaking from personal experience it ain't for the faint of heart under the best of circumstances.  Stir in a lifetime of dysfunction, with intense media scrutiny and a heavy dose of court ordered anything ladled over a premature death with a billion dollar fortune in play and you got yourself one helluva jackpot.  Katherine is an old lady, and I can tell you she don't need this.

The Jacksons, especially Michael, have grown up to be, let's just say, something of a disappointment.  But back in the day the Jacksons made it possible to dream your way out of the hood.  If they could make it out of the hood and still wear those big afros then the rest of us could make it too.  And it is for this reason I am rooting for this family to "succeed".  I still have a soft spot for those young urchins who sprang into our consciousness in 1969. 

Jermaine, who has always seemed to be one of the more sane members of the family and a voice of reason through the years has requested space for the family to heal and deal with their issues.

I say we give it to them.

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