Monday, August 26, 2013

The Eastern Rebellion is over

A busy week, so we did not have an opportunity to note the death of a jazz giant. Let us now rectify that by acknowledging the passing of Cedar Walton.

I didn't really hear about his passing so much as I noticed much more of his music being broadcast in rapid succession. I heard more Cedar Walton music in the space of an hour than you normally hear in a full week and I just suddenly came to an uh oh moment. Nobody had to say a word. But then again, what more fitting way for word of the passing of an intuitive jazz musician to spread.

Cedar Walton was not well known outside jazz circles, but inside the circle he was a giant. As a pianist composer, he was known for infectious boppish tunes. I always heard great similarity between the music of Cedar Walton and the music of Horace Silver.

Cedar Walton led the music the way I want it to go and he will be missed. I'm sure many were influenced by his music and will take up the charge that Mr. Walton so ably led for many years.


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