Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Free De'Andre Johnson

We have been here before

I look at this video and I see racism.

It looks like the so called "victim" simply lost a fight and now she wants to fall back into damsel in distress mode.

She is clearly the aggressor both physically and, from the looks of her rapid lip movement, also verbally.  She appears to be thoroughly intoxicated and unable to put any force behind her punches.  Her knee clearly went to his groin.  The video clearly shows that she was the aggressor.

So why is the black man the only one charged? 

To be clear, I am not saying that De'Andre made the right move here.  No one has the right to hit women.  But, at the same time and with the same legal repercussions, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO HIT MEN.

Come on bruh, did you really have to turn her lights out.  I know intoxicated people can be quite annoying but really did it take all that?  Given a chance to relive this episode I'll bet you would make different choices. Unfortunately, you won't get that chance and this is no longer about just the two of you and your social skills in bars and nightclubs. 

We cannot have a society where white women get to cry "the black man did it" and even with video evidence to the contrary the black man goes to jail.  Just exactly how does the victim end up being charged and not the one who created the problem.

Now it looks like the power structure is piling on.  It appears that this young man was simply expendable and he will have to pay the price for previous alleged bad actors that were somewhat more valuable.

All these pundits trying to free us from the tyranny of the confederate flag need to expand their perspective to focus on some racism that might actually impact the freedom of black people today.

Put your hands where my eyes can see


  1. ... a brother, first off, has to has more self-control than that... that was simply inexcusable... as far as the social and moral implications of a black man hitting a white woman goes, that alone should have kept him from hitting that young woman (not to demean the sisters, but I think I am being real here... the Ray Rice situ. showed what society thinks of sisters).

    Even in a society without racial bias, men cannot hit women... this was not anywhere near justification for the brother, who is the one with everything to lose, to have responded with violence... what could she have done or said that inflamed him to the point of a violent reply...?

    That said... I don't think he hit her that hard...

  2. Welcome back Big Mark, long time no see.
    You are exactly right, I agree with 100 percent of everything you said. Brother got to be cool at all times (which is the very definition of racism). The point I am trying to make is that old girl started the fight and lost it big time. Chivalry notwithstanding, her monkey ass should gone to jail too but didn't. Now that is racism and sexism. Where are Al Sharpton and Gloria Steinem when you need them.