Thursday, October 29, 2015

Clinton vs Bush

That's what we are offered and asked to choose

Although it seems like it would be a hoot and a half to have a republican run on the Democratic ticket along side a democrat running on the Republican ticket I guess we are just not sophisticated enough to have that much fun.

The thing that that is most galling about this system is seeing the highest office in the land passed back and forth between families like a gag fruitcake during the holidays.  I used to know that this was a bad thing. I thought democracy was supposed to facilitate a meritocracy. 

But as I get older I no longer know things that I thought I once knew for certain.

I thought it was no longer possible for large numbers of people to be convinced to follow a madmen

I thought that third world tyrants are always worse than the alternative.

I thought having only two dominant political parties limit the number of contenders for public office was a barrier to democracy.

In the end, we have an ignorance based democracy and I guess something has to protect us from ourselves.

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