Tuesday, November 24, 2015

... but first ugu

I grow weary of the hyperventilating emanating from the likes of Morning Joe and crew ruminating about the polls showing the administration is out of sync with recent demands that somebody or the other do something or other about stuff that we don't truly understand but it makes us really really nervous.

Leadership us into safety!

Are the people in these polls the same people who were dead set against taking action in Syria just two years ago?

Are the people in these polls the same people who made The Donald the front runner in the republican primary?

Listen, this ain't fucking American Idol or Dancing with the Assholes, I don't care what you learned in 8th grade civics class, you don't get a vote on this.

You want to feel safe at your NFL games?  Fine!  Here is a short list of things that will actually make the society safer.

1. Initiate a draft so everybody's kids get a chance to show how rough and tough we are as a nation and not just the expendable ones we don't really care about.

2. Implement a war tax so that we deal with the costs of war on the front end instead of adding it to the deficit that you claim to abhor.

3. Implement a war surtax so that we pay for the 50 plus years of VA services that will be needed to fix the broken kids that survive your armed assault.

4. Follow the constitution and fix the NRA by making background checks for gun purchases automatic, comprehensive and fully required for everyone, including terrorists, instead of surveilling  places of worship for "those people".

5.  Impose energy efficiency standards that place the true cost of energy on users instead of the subsidized cost now prevalent, including the costs of maintaining our interests in a place nobody would give a shit about if it weren't for the oil.

6. Educate your people instead filing their minds with drivel so that they are not so easily manipulated into thinking that anybody really gives a shit about what they think.

Until then, maybe we need to change the name of the show to Morning Decaf and cordially invite everyone on it to STFU.

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