Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peace on earth, good will toward all

Regardless of how your religion (or lack thereof) dictates that you celebrate (or not) the holiday season, I wish you love, peace, joy, happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

In my home we celebrate Christmas and we believe in Santa Claus. If you do not, that's your call, but I hope you will allow me and mine to revel in the joy of the day. And allow me to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

It is necessary that you believe in something or you are left with nothing. Yeah, I know it seems irreconcilable, a bearded old man in a red suit bringing toys to good little boys and girls around the world seems such a strange custom in light of a world filled with degradation, hunger, poverty and war. But this suffering is exactly why we need something to lift us up above all of our despair. Which is to say you've got to believe in something, why not believe in something good, however you define it.

Santa has brought immense joy to our family for generations. And now, my adult children still expect Santa to bring surprises and still find joy in even the simplest things. I expect them to carry the tradition to the next generation.

Christmas is never perfect and oftentimes is a sad and lonely affair, but each Christmas is always the best Christmas ever just because it is Christmas. There was a time when my children were kept away from me during Christmas. But Christmas is in your heart and it must go on even if you don't feel the spirit of it all just yet. Sometimes you just have to celebrate Christmas with whomever happens to be close at hand (even if they aren't on your preferred guest list). However, some Christmas holidays just stand out from the rest and you know they will hold a special place in your memory forevermore.

Christmas cannot be found at a store in the mall (or on it is found simply by sharing yourself. There is nothing wrong with a gift given from the heart. But if all you have is over priced crap from the mall you are not there yet. During this holiday season I urge you to share a happy moment with those around you and to look for your source of joy.

I truly hope you find it.

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