Sunday, January 31, 2010

And on the seventh day they had soul food


  1. Hey Jacked Up,

    Welcome to my blog and it's nuanced definition of self-loathing.

    Just found your blog as well. I enjoy the music and your take on it.

    Now, let me get something straight--I didn't say I was going to quit because I'm going back to toil for the man. I merely said that I didn't know how going back to work would effect the frequency of my blogging (if at all).

    But I feel with some certainty that once my blog reaches a million hits perhaps later this year, I'll probably put an end to that aspect of writing. If I do, I'll hand it in for the book(s) with which I've been threatening mankind for the past several years.

    As for blogging for misfits, a label to which I often feel I fall under, you couldn't be more correct. I've always regarded writing to be cathartic and theraputic and vital my being. It used to be stuff I'd hanmmer ouit for my eyes only, but once I got into the biz and became something of a public person, I realized I dug writing for the masses. Is that the result of my ego needing to be asuaged? Is it insecurity? Or do I really have something to say and thanks to wordpress, a forum in which to say it?

    You know Jacked's rat's ass, baby. It doesn't matter. Who cares? Writing is good for the soul. I write because people like you and me HAVE to write. We emote through words. We connect in thought and that my blog has been fortunate enough to have a fairly significant readership is icing on a cake that tastes a hell of a lot of like sweet, sweet validation.

    I'm lucky and I appreciate and respect that fact.

    All the best and don't be a stranger,

  2. Thanks for dropping by LK. You know you are always welcome to drop your brand of wisdom on the poor souls who frequent this virtual outpost.

    You know, you have a point, I really should start writing again. But it just seems that everything has already been said. We are slinging words back and forth at each other as if we were having a linguistic food fight. No matter what I want to say it seems as if somebody has already not only said it much better, but produced a video about it and posted it on Youtube.

    Sigh, I'll try. Thanks for your support.