Saturday, January 9, 2010

But I was cool

I really try to embed only content that does not seem likely to become embroiled in some sort of copyright conflict.

I can see both sides of the issue. Copyright holders want to be sure they are properly compensated for the use of their content. Many Youtube posters are simply trying to share and enjoy the artistic endeavors of their favorite artists and figure after 30 or 40 years nobody is going to pay for this stuff anymore (at least not pay enough to cover the legal bills) so chill out.

Here is my nonlawyerly take on the matter. If I legitimately own a copy of the material I should be able to use it for my own personal enjoyment. If I happen to choose to enjoy my properly licensed content by posting it on my blog which is also for my own personal enjoyment then what's the problem. Just because other people can access my blog and enjoy that content should have no impact. What is the difference between that and playing a CD on my car stereo loud enough for others to hear outside my vehicle. As long as I am not selling copies out of my trunk (or from my blog) so what.

And if the major record companies want to sic their lawyers on all the idiots who roll up next to me at the stop light bangin' like a bag of tin cans playing loud inane crap then maybe I might start to see their point.

Until then, everybody needs to just be cool.


  1. The problem as I see it is the recording industry/film & TV industry (and their lawyers) are a good 10 or 15 years behind public opinion on what constitutes "fair use". The idea that, by allowing me to listen to that Oscar Brown track, you have somehow deprived Oscar Brown's family or Columbia Records/Sony of some income is just laughable. The reach of the Internet at this stage means posting a track on a blog is conceptually pretty much the same as inviting your friends over to listen to the gramophone.

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