Saturday, July 3, 2010

The notion that the world was flat when it was round

Some places have cherry blossoms, others orchids and the like. It seems that in the US we may have a bumper crop of assholes.

You might think I was talking about the too far right for light to penetrate, but they aren't the only ones.

The right has utilized circular logic to such an extent that they have talked themselves into a corner. Thusly having rendered themselves rhetorically inert, they are pretty much contented with taking each other out one by one until pretty soon there may not be much of a right still standing. Last one to get taken down please turn out the lights to conserve energy.

The real danger these days seems to emanate from the left where they think that if we just recycled enough garbage we could all exist on fresh air and sunshine while we commune with nature. No thank you, I insist on fully functioning air conditioning everywhere I go.

The nut-ball right has pretty much exposed themselves for the short term thinkers that they are. These turkeys have always known that they were wrong but don't care anymore because they have been down this road before and they know wassup come Thanksgiving. So if you were planning on them staying on the plate while you served them up you might want to come up with a plan B.

The nut-ball left still thinks it can goad B-Rock into growing an afro, donning a dashiki and summoning forth his inner revolutionary. We can just inflate a new bubble, run up the credit cards again on the latest i-crap and hire a few more undocumented aliens to help us tote the packages in. This Easter Bunny crowd has not demonstrated that they are willing to fully accept the tenets of mathematics. They are apparently thinking they are going to find the resources to fund their golden years conveniently and ever so delicately hidden in the grass just outside their doorsteps.

America has become a victim of its own successes. Everyone bought into the notion that we all could ascend to the top rung. But if we do and there is nobody at the bottom to steady the ladder we all come tumbling down.

Why don't the rest of you stay down here while I climb up to check things out.

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