Sunday, July 11, 2010

Twitter from a Birmingham jail

As a general rule, I could give the least of a shit what happens with and to the celebrity class. However, one, Ms. Lindsay Lohan, has decided to take on the issue of cruel and unusual punishment and the general cause of injustice around the world. By way of a so called twitter from a Birmingham jail she has invoked spirits which I consider to be under my purview. Therefore, I feel justified in expressing an opinion.

For those who missed it Ms. Lohan, in the wake of graciously declining to attend "COURT ORDERED" substance abuse counseling sessions following her DUI arrest, has been ordered to serve 90 days of incarceration. Ms. Lohan has now twittered about the inhumanity and cruelty of her punishment.

My dear Ms Lohan, If you wish to take on the cause of justice and human rights and work to make this world a better place for the least of these, then those who consider this their life's work will welcome the notoriety your participation will bring to the cause. However, when taking on causes such as this, it might be best if your crusade is not just about, well, you!

Many have suffered and died trying to right the wrongs of this world. I am sure that the miscarriage of justice that resulted in your sentence (which could quite possibly be commuted down to something like 12 days if you could somehow manage to STFU) is listed somewhere on the list of the world's greatest travesties. However, if you and your family somehow manage to travel beyond the universe that is Linday Lohan, you will find that there are people who have spent their entire adult lives (longer than you have been alive) incarcerated based on bullshit far less substantial than the case against you.

In all things Life has repercussions and consequences. And although it is hard to see it now, the judge may just be your best friend in the world. So when you are looking for somebody to blame you might want to think of this song.

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