Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fuller Love and the KCSM pledge drive

There is no fuller love than jazz.

Back in the stone age, when I dragged myself up out of the primordial soup that was the pre-high speed connection days of the interenet, one of the first places I found as a reliable source of jazz was KCSM. This station was a beacon of light and hope in an otherwise very dark world.

There were hundreds or even thousands of stations broadcasting on the internet back then. Almost none of them playing real jazz and even fewer broadcasting with a strong reliable broadcast stream. But there was KCSM playing jazz full time 24 hours a day with a strong reliable connection. Even on dial up you could get more jazz than buffering which was, from my perspective, a major advancement.

I have been a KCSM fan since I first found them. When I got my first high speed internet connection I played the station 24 hours a day. I worked listening to jazz, I ate listening to jazz, I watched television listening to jazz, I went to sleep listening to jazz, I woke up listening to jazz. Life was good.

The station has contributed to my growth and development not only in jazz knowledge but also in knowledge of the world around me. Jazz is the text book of choice for me.

As a fitting tribute to the impact KCSM has had on me, the very first entry to the jackedUPjazz blog, even before my own first post, was a link to the KCSM broadcast stream. That link does not work any more but here is an updated link

Well anyway, the fine folks at KCSM are having a pledge drive and deserve your help and support in keeping jazz alive on the airways. I have listened to the station for many years and have found them to be wonderful and passionate stewards of the art of jazz.

Give them a listen and if you are able, drop a little cash on them to help keep the music playing.

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