Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kathleen Clelia Elin Melgarejo

My ears are never wrong (well there was my unfortunate disco period but it wasn't just me it was everybody). But this isn't disco.

It has been a long time since I have been this excited about music. I had forgotten what it feels like to find a tune that pushes my buttons.

Do yourselves a favor and check out Elin pronounced E-Aleen.

This chick definitely needs help on her marketing as she was hard as hell to track down but I found her album "Lazy Afternoon" on Amazon. You can get the CD for as little as five bucks from overstock.

If you hurry you can get the entire album for a buck and change on the soon to be defunct Amie Street.

Check out her story on PRI

Special thanks to the fine folks at Real Jazz on SiriusXM Radio for an above and beyond the call of duty assist in tracking this down.

The song that got me was "La Luna" which Elin composed and sang the hell out of in apparently fluent Portuguese while Luiz Simas paints chords on the piano that are as clear and vibrant as a high def photo. I can't understand what she is saying but I sure as hell know what she means.

Anyhoo, she doesn't have a video soooooo here's another video you can't understand what they are saying but you know what they mean.


  1. hey fan ;-) thanks for your words! you're right, I do need help with my marketing! ;-0 But I am happy to know that sirius jazz is playing me, amazon is selling me, and you can now make a pandora playlist based off me. I'm currently in japan singing at the "Lost in Translation" hotel for the next 3 months. Actually just sang my first night tonight!

    Elin ;-)

  2. Hi Elin

    Thanks for dropping in on the jackedUPjazz experience.

    I am definitely a big fan. SiriusXM played your tune "La Luna" one morning and it just blew me away. It took me another two days to track you down but I did it with their help.

    You are welcome to drop in here anytime. Feel free to let us know whenever you have any announcements or news to report. (Hint: when do we get to see a video or something with a live performance). At least post up some live videos of you performing at the Lost in Translation hotel in Tokyo until you put out a proper video. Every two bit wannabe no talent tin ear has a series of videos on Youtube. Surely, someone with your skills should at least have a presence. Besides that's how marketing is done these days.

    You've got some good stuff there kid don't let the A&R people talk you into screwing it up.

    Peace and Blessings