Sunday, October 24, 2010

Riddle me this one Batman

In the day and age when a real down brother like Michael Steele can't get no love, why is it that the right of center politerati are falling all over themselves to come to the aid and defense of Juan Williams. You have to admit that it is a bit suspicious to have this kind of overwhelming and nearly unanimous support from the right for someone who worked for an institution that essentially symbolizes all that is unholy in their eyes. Can you say "slightly out of character"?

Never mind the particulars of the issue. What Juan Williams said and or intended to say is not of concern. What worries me is why people who usually take great joy in a public lynching have resorted to group weeping and teeth gnashing over a solitary colored man. Whatever happens, I hope Juan doesn't resort to the Clarence Thomas "punishing a black man for stepping out of line" defense.

Speaking of Clarence Thomas, WTF. But that is a conversation for another time.

Now the right is out to defund public radio, again. But why can't my tax dollars go towards paying the rent for Bert and Ernie and Big Bird. All I know is that I am for anything that provides an alternative to mainstream broadcasting that basically consists of 20 minutes of used car dealer commercials interrupted by the same 10 inane songs/TV programs in heavy rotation such that you kind of look forward to the car dealer commercials. In re: KCSM I hope I have put forth the case for funding public radio even though we are only talking 10 or 15 cents of every dollar coming from the gubamint.

When has the right been able to agree on anything, much less agree to cross that great divide to save one that is ostensibly not their own?

I think NPR walked straight into that one.

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