Monday, October 25, 2010

This is what's wrong with America

We think that we can get together and fix or manage everything.

Nowhere in the constitution does it make any mention of changing Halloween from Sunday back to Saturday because worshiping the devil on Sunday is just wrong, or something.

So what if the kids have to go to school the next day. Its called a sugar high people. They will be alright.

You don't get to take a vote to move the holiday because it happens to be a little inconvenient this year. I don't care how many of you get together. Neither you nor your community leaders can make an executive decision. Halloween is Halloween, now get in it or get over it.

If the 4th of July falls inconveniently in the middle of the week it doesn't mean there is some executive override that allows us to move the celebration to the 5th of July. We just have to go ahead and fire up the grill on Thursday and try to stay drunk until the weekend gets here.

Come on people this is not complicated. If you find that you prefer to not celebrate Halloween on the designated day, for whatever reason, fine! Keep your grubby ass kids at home. But don't show up on my doorstep in costume a day early (or a day late) looking for handouts unless you want your little ones to receive a lesson in getting cussed out.

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