Monday, September 22, 2014

As good as it gets???

It appears that somebody has a giant hardon for the NFL.

I guess they are just gonna have to bend over and take it.

Looks like no don't really mean no after all, huh?

Are we sure the memo didn't say NRA, you know those initials look kind of similar to NFL. Maybe if we put this kind of effort into sensible gun laws we would have a few less non domestic violence victims too.

As previously stated, I am no fan of the NFL, they probably deserve everything coming at them and then some. But mob justice still looks pretty much the same regardless of whether the participants are wearing white hoods and bed sheets or power skirts and Vince Camuto shoes.

Domestic violence claims and child support are two toes on the same claw and, when teamed up with Family Court, have done more to destroy families than hookers and blow coupled with an open bar tab.

No you don't get to beat women. At the same time, you don't get to beat men either. This whole thing is nothing more than mass hysteria and the criminalization of manhood/fatherhood.

This train ain't going nowhere good and everyone on it will deserve the same thing the NFL is getting. You see problem is things are never quite as simple as your 60 seconds of network air time dictate it to be. So if you are not actually going to try and fix the problem, may I respectfully request that each and every one of you STFU.

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