Friday, September 16, 2016

Someone please call 911

As I recall, this is how we ended up with George W. Bush

Dubya wasn't elected because his fiscal projections were economically sound and balanced. He was elected because Al Gore was insufferable and nobody wanted to listen to him for the next four years.

Here's a clue, nobody gives a shit about the 10 point plan with interlocking implementation phases.

Even a vegetarian can appreciate a properly served steak.  Who wants a big plate of cold meat. Its the sizzle kid.

They say if you want to live like a Republican you better vote like a Democrat.

Now that the upwardly mobile have had a few years to recuperate from the cold hard presence of reality, the delusions of the pre-Bush years have set in again. Somebody better remind them that the VIP list is much shorter than they might imagine.

If it were me I would tell the biggest lie I could think up.  Then when they swarm all over me I would concede "I guess you sombitches ain't as stupid as you look huh, you can add and subtract.  Maybe you should practice those skills more often."

Then drop the mic and walk out

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