Monday, November 27, 2017

Git down girl go head git down

So the answer is more women in power huh?

Give me a fuckin break.

Let's not act like there isn't a whole culture built around gaining access to powerful men and their money.  So please understand that women can be equally bad actors as men. Not to diminish the victimization of women who, through no fault of their own, were subjected to assault and abuse, let's be clear that men are not the only abusers here.  Do these men think they were in an environment where certain behavior is not only tolerated, but it is expected?   Or do they not care anymore and have simply become predators on society where no one is safe?  Every homeboy in America knows it is a look but don't touch proposition when you are on the hunt for companionship. Pop out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel with no power if you want to; you are going straight to the county lockup. 

We only hear about the occasions where it all goes bad, what about the times when consent is mutual.  The one instance in the news is not the only time these "powerful" men did this.  This is their go to move, their shtick, they have practiced this move many times. There has to be a percentage of time where the move worked to everybody's satisfaction. What did it cost not only them but us?  Is every vote a vote of conscience or maybe a few votes were used to avoid a scandal or two.

This is about more than sexual victimization of women.  This is about who has power, how it gets used and who has access to it.

Now we are talking about digging up the Bill Clinton sex scandal. From my recollection Monica Lewinsky was not only of legal age, but she was also the pursuer.  Maybe there is an unwritten rule that says the commander in chief shall not get blow jobs from young interns in a closet off of the oval office, but I am just not seeing the victimization part of this.  At least not until the media got a hold of the story, then she really became a victim.

So if we are going to have a comprehensive acknowledgement of the abuses that are prevalent in society let's get them all.  Let's not stop at power drunk politicians that think they can cop a feel, or worse, whenever they feel the need and get away with it because they are untouchable.  Maybe you never hear of women abusing their power because they are just better at not getting caught. Maybe women make better elected officials or maybe they don't.  Maybe we should try electing a few golddiggers to office; or maybe we already have and just don't know it yet.

To paraphrase Warren Buffet, you have to dig where the gold is, not where the gold ain't. 

She ain't messin with no broke niggas

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