Friday, November 17, 2017

The tyranny of feminism

As the son of a mother, the brother of sisters, the father of daughters the nephew of aunts and the uncle nieces, born into a family that has been matriarchal since before my grandmother was born let me say this in the most delicate way possible; y'all have gone to fuckin far with this shit.

You need to stop yourselves now.  If allowed to continue to it's logical conclusion, we are headed to nothing short of  internment camps for men to be held as breeders until women can figure out how to reproduce without us.

Now Funnyman /Senator Al Franken done caught a case of sexual harassment.  At least he has the good sense to try to get out in front of this thing.  Senators are a dime a dozen, but funnymen are hard to come by.  As long as the joke is funny you get a lot of leeway.  I just hope there isn't a long list of aggrieved partners in his history standing in the wings waiting to come forward (for his sake and ours).

There is no logical end to this thing.  Every man alive is guilty of harassment if you go back far enough to include pulling the pig tails of the little girl you liked in kindergarten.  You were too young to understand your feelings so instead of asking her to be your girlfriend you just beat her up; or what's just as likely, got beat up by her. Males are frequently confused by females, and I suppose vice versa as well. Let's not make that a crime.

There are gradations of infractions and this march to make everything black and white serves no one.  There is a difference between being a garden variety boor and trolling the mall for underage girls on the regular. There is a difference between taking a drunken shot at a girl who is out of your league versus using your power as an employer to manipulate young women into compromising situations. Trying to get a female's attention with inappropriate methods should not result in a death sentence in every case.

Women, as well as some men, are right to use the current moment to focus attention on that which makes them uncomfortable or worse assaults them.  And we as a society have plenty of room to grow into a more welcoming and comfortable place for everyone to simply exist as God created them.  But where is the line between a tired old pickup line and a catcall.  How are men supposed to break the ice with women they don't yet know.  My nonscientific guess is that the line "Hey Mama, you sho is fine" has lead to more marriages than E-Harmony. So don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Using the wrong methods in an attempt to gain the attention of a romantic interest is as old as human existence.  But so is using whatever power you possess to dominate, degrade and assault the object of your desires.  Make sure that we recognize that there is a difference between the two.

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