Sunday, June 27, 2010

A worthy hustle

Reports from the bus stop is a euphemism for all things related to the alternative life style (no, not that lifestyle dumbass, the homeless lifestyle).

Anyhoo, I normally have a great deal of disdain for people who just roll up on me and seek financial favor with nothing more complicated than "Hey gimme some money". Regardless of whether it's urban leisure technicians on the street or corporate fund raising telemarketers, the answer is usually the same.

Naw brotha, I ain't got no spare change, but I got a spare lawn that needs mowing and some spare hedges that could use some trimming. You know anything bout dat? Crickets chirping.

Good morning sir, I'm calling you on behalf of the coalition to help left handed, one eyed, big headed, foreign babies where well under 2.5% of your tax deductible contribution goes directly to provide environmentally conscious fly swatters to those in need. Can I count on you for a lump sum donation of $100 or would you prefer to use your credit card to contribute monthly.
Crickets chirping again.

But every once in a while somebody approaches me with a hustle that reflects honesty, intelligence, forethought and just plain resourcefulness. And I have to give credit where credit is due, as well as a couple bucks.

I encountered just such a hustle this weekend on the way to an out of town concert with a bunch of friends. It seems that at this particular downtown venue, there is an error in the mapping algorithm of many GPS units that basically directs travelers down a dead end street where you must make a U-turn.

Now homeboy, being the enterprising individual that he is, has strategically positioned himself beside the sole point of ingress and egress to this little fishing hole. When the unsuspecting prey, is snared in the net homeboy commences to flailing about vigorously so as to get your attention. If you choose to roll down your window, you are generously rewarded with turn specific directions to the concert venue. Of course, once your path is recalculated, this urban leisure technician avails himself of the opportunity to determine if, per chance, you might happen to be in possession of a few unneeded currency notes that you could bear to part with.

Bro, I have seen a lot hustles in my day. Run a few of 'em myself in hard times. But I swear this is the most original and intelligent hustle I think I have ever encountered. Normally, I try not to reward the devil's workshop. But playa, I'm gonna have to give you a dollar on that one just on technical merit alone.

There are big things waiting for you in life, cause you got something special. Keep your head to the sky.

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