Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wait your turn

It seems like I have spent my entire life holding doors and waiting patiently for my turn. But it seems the line only grows longer. Meanwhile, legions of "uniquely gifted" individuals seem to always get an exception that is completely and totally unrelated to the fact that they are somebody's nephew or cousin or sister in law.

The faces behind me in the line always seem to be the same, but the faces in front of me seem to change with each passing day. And the unfortunate asshole who has the job of coming out to make the daily announcement for everyone to come back tomorrow always seems to be pretty well fed. Even though they have a truck load of food sitting there for all to see they refuse to let us have it lest we become a little too eager and they might have to shoot people who are trying not to starve to death. I guess going home to watch each other starve is the best of a bad list of options.

I wonder if getting shot to death feels any worse than starving to death.

1 comment:

  1. See????? You're doing it!! Writing is cathartic. Especially when you're good at it and you are.

    Hate to say it but you can even make despair and disappointed compelling.

    As we say in the biz, "Tough shit. You are writer".

    Write on, Brother.

    Or Sister.

    Laurie Kendrick