Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why racism is good part 2

Last month, you may recall that I got myself worked up into a bit of a snit about the state of unity amongst folk who, shall we say, ain't no stranger to the hood. These folk seem to have failed to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so they can find their way back to the hood.

I think I pretty much said all that I wanted to say so no need to rehash the leftovers.

Howifininsonever, I wish I had used a different (or perhaps additional) video for the post. Well we're now correcting that oversight. Here is a clip to the original Drop Squad. This one probably didn't make it to your local theater out in the burbs so I recommend you check it out. It is posted on Youtube by one of it's creators and listed as "The Session"

Best line in the film:

"Three negroes, two Saabs and a Volvo and a gallon of motherfuckin spring water ain't no tools for no revolution."


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