Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flying high in the friendly skies

Although Korean singer Kim Jo Han does not, by any means, embarrass himself in this video, he does get a little flying lesson from the velvet one.

My first encounter with Bryan McKnight was back in the day at some hole in the wall night club that is long gone but in its day was the place to be. Nobody had ever heard of Bryan McKnight. He was just some dude that knew somebody in Take 6 or something.

They set up a little radio shack keyboard on the dance floor and let him do a couple three tunes. Everybody was cool wit it as long as he didn't interfere with the free crab legs line that had encircled the dance floor.

He somehow came up in conversation not too long ago when an old friend reminded me that I had called it right when I suggested that perhaps she should put the crab legs down and pay attention.

Yeah, I felt the brotha, but I had no idea he would one day Brian McKnight. I guess it just goes to show you.

One never knows, do one?

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