Monday, April 5, 2010

We don't need no mo trouble

Don't get it twisted. I was not bashing Badu to bring her down. My only intent was to bring Badu up.

Just sos you know I still love my girl and support her artistry. If I lacked discipline this blog would include nothing but Badu videos. Her art be all trees and birds and rocks and things but still coming much hard with the funk, and that is hard to do.

From the very first time I heard the strains of that Billie Holiday like sound I have been a fan. I have never been one of those fools to stand in line at midnight to buy anything but I did make it down first thing the next morning to buy the second CD Mama's Gun with the original artwork, not that wussy second pressing art. When folks were pointing to Condolezza Rice as a role model for young black girls I was pointing to Badu.

In short, I have been with Badu from the beginning and I am still with Badu now.

Although Badu is driving the bus, Badu ain't alone on the bus. Maybe I wasn't ready but I am still feeling Badu but this don't feel right.

So if it is publicity you need, I got your back. This week will be dedicated to Badu videos. Other folk might even join in to show the world what you worth. So count it off again and start over.

But sista please, we don't need no mo trouble.

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